Monday, December 19, 2011


Here are some websites you can check out:

This site is all about rsu20. It may not be specifically about our school, but who isn't noisy about the other schools to? 

On this site you have to first go to schools and find SDHS an then from that page you can access school calenders sports schedules an lunch menu's. Often times you will find upcoming events or pics from past events. 
Or just go to  if you just want the searsport website.

This is a great website if you need a practice schedule or want to know when game day is. You don't have to be part of a sports team to go on this site. It provide information such as scores and the upcoming games. So.. if you want to support our teams go to and find out when the next game is!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

An insider interview with Interview with The principal himself.... Mr Campbell.

Q- What do you see when you look at the student body at SDHS?

A-"I see students who need our help. Many of them come from different places. Each one carrie there own emotional baggage and need our help an support.?
 "I also see a nice group of kids, very tolerent of each other. Just a nice group of kids"

Q-What are some of your goals for SDH/MS and how do you plan to accomplish them?

A- "My goal would be to have kids want to get up an go to school everyday, that we can provide an education. We need to use teaching stratigies that spark an interest in students and makes them want to learn. We need to work on sheduling so student can have full advantage of getting as much learning as possible.  The topics need to be relivant engaging and interesting. I want every kid to be successful.?


NEW coach winner or not?

"SEARSPORT — Coming off a winless season, the Searsport District High School girls basketball team is looking for a fresh start. And for this season's Viking squad, that will begin with a new coach.
Mel Grant, a resident of Stockton Springs, is the new girls varsity basketball coach, according to athletic director Jim McGinn. Grant replaces Amanda Pullen, who coached the Vikings for two seasons and a 3-33 record.
"This is awesome," said Grant. "This is something I've been looking forward to for a long time [to be a varsity coach]. I didn't expect this opportunity, but it's a great opportunity to get and I look forward to a challenging season, obviously. But we've got a good core of starters back and some athletic girls coming in, so we're very excited."
"I'm pleased that he'll be our new coach," said McGinn. "He's coached at lower levels and he was our volunteer assistant last year. He's very enthusiastic and he's been involved in Searsport athletics for many years both as a player and as a parent and a community volunteer.""
ARTICLE FROM VILLAGE for more of the article go to village soup/

This years new coach Mel Grant has a wonderful technique at coach this years lady viking.
With one official game under there belts these athletes are likely to "wake up" and realize it is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication if they want to make it to championships. These girl are a wonderful group of athletes. They also have a very large group of fans that are willing to spend the time to come out and support these girls. This was proven by last fridays "white out" of the gym.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This years lady vikings will be beginning basketball soon. If you are interested in trying out keep your ears open an announcement will be made (when it get nearer to try out time). At this point time there will be a varsity as well as a junior varsity.

As far as middle school the teams have been picked. Congratulations to those who made it. Also if you didn't its okay you can still go an support your class mates.

I will post next weeks schedule below

Middle school Athletics

Athletic Events for 11/14 through 11/18

Middle School

MS Boys practice 2:15-3:45
MS Girls practice 3:45-5:15

MS Girls practice 2:15-3:45
MS Boys practice 3:45-5:15

MS Boys practice 2:15-3:45
MS Girls practice 3:45-5:15

MS Girls practice 2:15-3:45
MS Boys practice 3:45-5:15

MS Boys practice 2:15-3:45
MS Girls practice 3:45-5:15

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An insider interview with one of the SDHS staff.

An insider interview with one of the SDHS staff.

Mrs Raymond gave the following responses when ask the following questions:

1- Asked "What defines a students success?"
Answered "Two things, first when a student understands the material and second when a student does their best"

2- Asked: "What do you like about our school as compared to others?"
Answered: "Many things, the students are friendly with less cliques and more understanding. Our school also has less discipline problem than other schools an the teachers at SDHS care about students individual success an are willing to make sure they succeed"

3- Asked "If you could change one thing about our school what would it be?"
Answered "I wish kids cared more about themselves. I wish that the students could see that there is a future and to set goals and work towards them. Also I think we should be able to have a more flexible schedule and more opportunities for individual learning."

A final statement made my Mrs. Raymond:
"The most rewarding thing in a class room is to see students engaged in what is going on."

Thank you for your time!

If you would like to state you opinion please leave comments!

Friday, November 4, 2011

When asked : 
   What is one thing you like about SDHS?

Quote "I like that it's small and friendly an personal an people know each other"-Mr. Wirth

           "One thing i like about SDHS is that it is so small compared to other schools an that everyone knows you as compared to a larger schools..." -Student

         What is one thing you would be willing to fight to change in SDHS?
   Quote "...the grade of food"-Student

to be continued......

What's to come?

This blog will be about:
                 *An insiders look at the life inside Searsport High School from the point of view of students as well as the adults and teachers
                 *Interviews with students and teachers over topics that brings up controversy.
                 *Opinions an statements from SDHS.
                 * Sports updates

      AND MORE......