Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An insider interview with one of the SDHS staff.

An insider interview with one of the SDHS staff.

Mrs Raymond gave the following responses when ask the following questions:

1- Asked "What defines a students success?"
Answered "Two things, first when a student understands the material and second when a student does their best"

2- Asked: "What do you like about our school as compared to others?"
Answered: "Many things, the students are friendly with less cliques and more understanding. Our school also has less discipline problem than other schools an the teachers at SDHS care about students individual success an are willing to make sure they succeed"

3- Asked "If you could change one thing about our school what would it be?"
Answered "I wish kids cared more about themselves. I wish that the students could see that there is a future and to set goals and work towards them. Also I think we should be able to have a more flexible schedule and more opportunities for individual learning."

A final statement made my Mrs. Raymond:
"The most rewarding thing in a class room is to see students engaged in what is going on."

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  1. Good to know, hope to hear from more teachers! -Da Loganator

  2. It's nice to know what teachers think :3

    SO MANY COLORS!!! @3@ ~BP

  3. Good post on an important topic. I wish every student would read this -- and live by it. Keep up the good work. --RW