Thursday, December 15, 2011

An insider interview with Interview with The principal himself.... Mr Campbell.

Q- What do you see when you look at the student body at SDHS?

A-"I see students who need our help. Many of them come from different places. Each one carrie there own emotional baggage and need our help an support.?
 "I also see a nice group of kids, very tolerent of each other. Just a nice group of kids"

Q-What are some of your goals for SDH/MS and how do you plan to accomplish them?

A- "My goal would be to have kids want to get up an go to school everyday, that we can provide an education. We need to use teaching stratigies that spark an interest in students and makes them want to learn. We need to work on sheduling so student can have full advantage of getting as much learning as possible.  The topics need to be relivant engaging and interesting. I want every kid to be successful.?


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